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Zany presents 'TWNTYFV'
247 days ago

Hardstyle pioneer Zany reaches an incredible milestone this year; he will celebrate his 25th anniversary with a brand new concept called "Zany presents TWNTYFV" Expect tracks that played a important part in his past 25 years as well as tracks from fellow artists that he always tried to include in his sets. Lets go back in time and relive those magical  moments that gave Zany goosebumps!  ZANY - TWNTYFV at your event? E-mail!

The Bassline Agency - 6 Months Old
554 days ago

For the past 6 months, The Bassline Agency has been on a roll. The first half of the year has been filled with events and the artists have rocked some of the most prestigious stages. Musicwise there have been a lot of collabs and releases of the groundbreaking roster, we can’t wait to see what the remainder of 2022 will bring.

The impressive starting roster has been expanding, have you seen the 6 new leading acts? 

With pride in our hearts, The Bassline Agency has added Deetox, Degos & Re-Done, Pavo, and The Pitcher to the hardstyle roster. Let’s not forget hardcore legend Promo, and of course MC DV8 as the voice of the harder styles!

The Bassline Agency will not stop here, so keep an eye on our socials where some exciting new names will be announced soon.

For more information on The Bassline Agency and the roster, please send an email to

Introducing The Bassline Agency
752 days ago

Platinum Agency, the agency that represents the premiere acts in the harder styles of dance music, is proud to launch another agency label with the support of the ID&T Group: The Bassline Agency.

The Bassline Agency represents groundbreaking artists with an impressive track record that complete any hard dance line-up. Our roster is a selection of household names spanning the spectrum of the harder styles: hardstyle, raw, freestyle, hardcore, classics and everything in-between. The Bassline Agency offers world class support with our proven agency model to both artists and promoters worldwide. From individual bookings to programming event line-ups, The Bassline Agency is there to help with the foundation of any event.

The starting roster consists of various artists such as Alpha Twins, Bass Chaserz, Da Syndrome, Deepack, Geck-o, Endymion, Jason Payne, Jones, Kronos, Panic, Ransom, Restrained and The Viper.

More information about The Bassline and its roster, please send an e-mail to The agents are happy to assist.

TBA: the bassline of your line-up